Baby Steps

Earlier today, one week shy of 7 months old, Boodle took his first, unassisted, wobbly steps.  Read that again – at 6 months old, this baby walked.

I know that this doesn’t mean that he will start walking on his own any time soon.  And I know that he may not even take a few steps on his own again for quite some time.  But I also know that this, in and of itself, is nothing short of amazing.

Conan and I (despite our laughable blogging names) are small people – small, weak people who play on computers all day.  We thought he might be a good programmer when he grew up.  But we had no expectations that he would take his first steps during the sixth month.

And this is why we are starting this blog.  We’ve been watching Boodle very carefully the last six months.  We have noted his milestones as well as the cute little things he just picked up somehow.  We’d like to share this information with other parents who may be wondering if there are babies out there like their baby.  And we’d like to hear from them too, so we know the answer ourselves.



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