Milestone Timeline – Month 1

Boodle was born in November of 2009.  This is about all I can remember because the first month was definitely a blur.  During his first month of being outside the womb, he did the following:

  • Social smiled at 5 days old.
  • Laughed at two weeks old.*
  • Supported his whole weight on both legs at 2 weeks old.
  • Made significant gains in holding his head up during this month and was able to do so for sustained periods by the end of the month.
  • Scooted across our bed lengthwise during the first month, as long as there was something behind him he could kick off from. He stopped doing this soon afterward though when we started helping him walk.
  • When put on a tummy-time pillow, he rolled over – he repeated this several times.

Here are some pictures from when he was one week old.  You can see that he showed considerable personality right from the beginning.  The beautiful young girl in the pictures (I’m such a proud mommy) is none other than WBG.

*We had taken him for a walk in the stroller (slings don’t work for this kid – more on what works and what doesn’t for him in another post) in hopes that it would help him sleep (more on sleep in another post).  He finally fell asleep about 30 minutes into it and then promptly woke up 2 steps from the door.  When I said, “Really?!?” he started cracking up.  It was at that moment that I knew we were in trouble.


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