Milestone Timeline – Month 2 and 3

There’s not much for these two months that we could really pin down.  We know that he showed considerable personality and was making “girlfriends” all over the place.  He especially started showing a preference or an interest in African Americans (we can only guess due to his adoration of WBG).

He moved constantly and made it almost impossible to take pictures of him.  It was shortly after this time, that we moved to video.  He also hardly ever slept and I remember that Conan had to take the bus to work a lot during this period because I couldn’t safely drive him in the mornings.

  • Officially held his head up on his own consistently – he did this fairly early in this month.
  • Noticed and became obsessed with his feet at 2 months.
  • Came up with some kind of “game.”  He would sit on my thigh while I was sitting on the ground with my legs outstretched.  I had my arm in front of his chest and he leaned forward.  All of a sudden, he pushed himself backward and I caught him with my other arm.  He kept doing this over and over again and really seemed to be enjoying himself.  At one point, while doing this, he decided to get up and start walking (with my arm under his arms) and stopped playing this game afterward.  From then on, he would always get up to walk instead.
  • Walked when we held him under his arms.
  • Had Object Permanence at 3 months.

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