About Conan

Conan has asked Xena to write this for him since he’s afraid he would be too sarcastic.  But Xena has nothing but wonderful, fluffy things to say because she loves her Conan.  And so, really, Conan should write this himself so it isn’t so fluffy.  Anyway – the basics:

Conan is a stay-at-home dad trying hard to keep Boodle away from the phone when Xena is on a conference call, but before this he was a programmer.  He is looking for the right job still because he would like to work too, but this is not the greatest of economic times for programmers.  At least he’s a great dad (and Xena keeps reminding him that being a dad is plenty of work as it is.)

He’s generous and kind and sensitive, and all the wonderful traits that Xena hopes to see in Boodle as he grows older.  He loves to read, is great at math, kicks Xena’s butt at pure speed math tasks, eats real Chinese food which us lofans (non-Chinese people) can’t stand, and looks fantastic in blue.


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