About This Blog

This blog is primarily about a potentially gifted child and our family’s attempts at handling that.

This blog is being written for those out there who are looking for answers about their potentially gifted children.  This isn’t intended to provide all the answers or even many of the answers – though we will be providing links as we run across them.

But we do hope it will give you solace in knowing that you and your family are not alone.  We hope that it will provide you with a place where you can get some knowledge about giftedness.  And we hope it gives you a starting point to work with when trying to determine how to handle your potentially-gifted offspring.

The problem is though, is that we don’t really know, and we may not know for a long time, if ever, if Boodle is truly gifted.  So please take all of this with a grain of salt.  We aren’t intending to say that our child is absolutely, unequivocally a genius.  All we are intending to say is that this is how we are handling his own unique brand of specialness.


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