About WBG

WBG is a talented soon-to-be 7th grader who shows a particular knack for performing on stage.  She also had about a 10 year-long obsession with animals, so we’ll see where she ends up in life.  I keep telling her she should have a show on Animal Plant, but the more I see her perform, the sky truly seems to be the limit.

On top of being a wonderful daughter, she is also an amazing big sister.  Boodle adores her and she serves as another form of entertainment for him giving us some much-needed rest.

She seems to have some gifted tendencies herself outside of performance, but unfortunately I didn’t know as much about giftedness when she was growing up as I do now – so I don’t remember the exact timing of the milestones outside of the fact that she did everything a little early.  I do know that she always seemed to be on her own schedule and would never let me teach her anything when she was younger.  Even now, the only way to get her to do anything is to let her do it herself.  This will serve her well later in life, but for now it can be a bit frustrating.


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