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“That’s nice.”

My wonderful wife Xena came up with the idea of this blog, of writing about our “Boy Genius”, while I came into this enterprise somewhat skeptically.  The boy seemed smart enough, I suppose, but a “genius”?  I couldn’t come right out and say that, but that’s me, the one that hesitates, stands back, and almost apathetically and unenthusiastically says, “ok. I guess.”

I blame this trait on my parents.

Jokingly, of course.  When Boodle blames his issues on us, I hope he does so in jest also.  I recognize though that there is some unfortunate truth to it.  My father had low expectations for me, while my mother was very conservative when giving out praise and expressing enthusiasm.  I recognize that they love me in their own way, with much of their behavior being an outgrowth of their upbringing and the culture they grew up in, but this is the woman, who in response to the news of Boodle’s impending birth, said “That’s nice.”

With more than three decades under my belt, I never picked up on it, but after spending some time with my parents, Xena realized where I got my ability to downplay things and respond in such a lackluster way.  She’s been “training” me to do better with my stepdaughter aka Wonder Bread Girl and with this new little person.

I think I’m doing “better” because I love my baby boy and think he’s absolutely amazing.  Still, though, it begs the question – what does that say about me or about him?