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Making Friends

We went to a restaurant tonight – something we do very often despite having a high-need baby in the family.  We’ve started utilizing a system of one person eats while another person entertains the baby.  So today, Conan fed Boodle some bananas while WBG and I ate.  Then afterward, she and I took turns walking Boodle around the restaurant.

One of the things I noticed was that whenever we would get near a table where someone was sitting, Boodle walked right up to be completely perpendicular to their seat and then turned and looked at them until they smiled at him.

At one point, we were walking toward a table with another young family sitting at it.  After they asked his name, the dad called his name in an excited way and Boodle turned around, walked over to be perpendicular to the dad’s seat, turned toward the dad and then smiled like crazy.  It wasn’t enough to smile at him from across the table apparently.