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This kid never sleeps…

Sorry if anyone saw the previous draft version of this.  I must have somehow hit publish accidentally.  Anyway – here’s the sleep post:

Okay, of course, Boodle sleeps but it’s frustratingly inconsistent.  Perhaps, he’s just following in my footsteps, as I also had unusual sleep habits at a young age (I stopped taking naps while early in my toddler years, I would lie awake all night as child waiting until I could stop thinking long enough to sleep, and I still have the hardest time falling back asleep after I’ve woken up.)

Apparently is fairly common for the gifted to have unusual sleep habits – though I’m not sure why this is.  It’s probably due to multiple reasons, but for Boodle, I have a sneaky suspicion some of it is due to reactive hypoglycemia.

I say this because he’s never slept through the night – not once.  He’s like a jalopy that you hope will make it to your destination without any breakdowns, but no such luck.  He’s always woken up at least twice per night – sometimes as many as 6-7 times – just to eat.  He eats and then goes right back to sleep.  We were hoping that adding solids to his diet would help, but it didn’t seem to.  Now I’m banking on adding protein to his diet.  I’m going to try it with quinoa once he starts feeling better  (he has a little cold right now).

Even besides that though, he hardly ever takes naps – and I don’t believe this is due to being hungry.  He does get tired, but trying to get him to actually go down is like herding cats.  He’s just too interested in everything going on to actually allow himself to go to sleep.

No amount of setting any kind of bedtime routine has helped.  We just have to wait until he’s practically begging to go to sleep and then we need to try one of a few things:

  • Nurse him to sleep.  It’s rare that this works, but when it does, it’s like we hit the lottery.  Usually though he treats me like his own personal jungle gym, nursing in bursts while trying to climb and roll around.
  • Carrying him, bouncing him, swinging him to sleep.  All of these things seemed to stop working a couple of months ago.  Now it just makes him laugh.
  • Drive him to sleep.  This is the only surefire winner.  Unfortunately, it costs a lot in gas and he’s stuck in a car seat when we’d rather be holding him.  There are times that he won’t go down even in the car, unless we stop somewhere new and let him walk around a bit.  We usually have to hit random grocery stores or other places open fairly late at night, so he can get his fix.  Once we get back in the car, he’s out like a light.  Interestingly enough, he now tries to climb into the car seat when he’s either tired or bored – basically letting us know that he wants to go out.

There are days where he seems to catch up for the lack of sleep and he sleeps practically all day.  Those used to be about once a week, but now I rarely see them.  I don’t think I’ve seen one in weeks or maybe more than a month.

Any ideas?  The lack of sleep we’re getting is really starting to drain on us.  I’m hoping this is just something that he’ll grow out of and will actually at least be able to sleep throughout the night.